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The Southwest Environment Alliance in partnership with landcare invite private landholders who live in the project area to apply for up to $10,000 of funding to create habitat for wildlife.

Landowners are in a unique position to create change and turn Australia’s wildlife crisis around. Being part of the solution is easier than you think. Results could be seen within our lifetime.

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Photos: Eve Cantor, Jigsaw Farms

To apply, simply follow the three-step application process below.


View the Presentation

Watch the video below for an overview of Wildlife Habitat Fund requirements and eligibility. Click on the Video to PAUSE at any time.


Book a site visit

Get in touch with Biodiversity Officer Robert Gibson on 0436 936 168 or Landcare Facilitator, Kristy Brewer on 0413 718 875. Book a property visit and work with them to complete your application.

All Projects will be supported by the Biodiversity Officer or Landcare Facilitator who must either provide and/or approve:
Site Plans, Site Maps, Native Plant Lists and weed control recommendations.

Project to be completed with 18 months of announcement date

Projects must be delivered in the SEA project area (see map below)

Restore, Protect, Connect sign to be displayed on site

Fencing must comply with fencing guidelines; this will be discussed with you at the site visit

Projects will have detailed plans with realistic targets

Plants to be ordered through a native plant nursery

Weed control techniques should be employed to ensure success of re-vegetation projects

Applicants must contribute towards the project budget e.g. volunteer time, in kind support (ie equipment, donation of materials or other funding source)


Work with our officers to get your project paperwork ready.

Once you and one of our officers have checked that you meet the above criteria and have negotiated a suitable set of project conditions and timeframes your project / application will be submitted for assessment.



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