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War on Woody Weeds

Posted on: 2 June 2020

SWWAT has continued its declared War on Woody Weeds, though slowed somewhat by the shutdown they are now back in business. Weekly working bees deliver two hours of weed work, a group cuppa and chat. Almost all participants are retirees, or partly so. Attendances at working bees vary between eight and twelve. This is remarkable and something other groups aspire to.

Clear purpose, direction and effective communication with group members is what makes this groups so successful! Most of this groups work goes unseen, as a result of the project locations; local forests. Although some roadside work is also being carried out. Areas of particular interest to the group are roadsides adjacent  to the forest. These areas are likely to re-infest previous project sites within the forest if complementary work is not carried out.

The control of Sweet Pittosporum and other local woody weeds is this groups primary focus. The relationships they have nurtured and the partnerships that have been secured make this project a recipe for success.

Group President Gary Kerr recently prepared a map that illustrates where the work has been undertaken since the groups inception. The map below illustrates the project sites from the past year.

Many hours have been spent lobbying politicians and government departments. Time has also been spent educating private landholders who have demonstrated an interest in learning how to control this widespread pest. This volunteer lead movement is inspiring to say the least!

The media release attached to the link below outlines a recent funding boost to the South West Weeds program run by DELWP. The group has written countless letters and has held several field trips to help raise awareness of the problems associated with Sweet Pittosporum. The media release details funding that has been ear marked specifically for Sweet Pittosporum. Well done to Gary Kerr and his team for their tireless, passionate hard work. If all the small herbaceous plants could talk I'm sure they would be thanking you!

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