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    Fungi Mapping Friday 7th June – 7.30 pm

    FUNGI MAPPING June 2019

    PCCI Planting Day at the drain

    New Volunteers and members of the SEA’s Member Groups joined the Conservation Volunteers at Nuns beach to participate planting out the stormwater drain. The day was funded by the Glenelg Hopkins CMA and the Glenelg Shire Council through the Victorian Landcare Grants Program and the Glenelg Shire Council’s community grants program. Over 500 local plants …Read more »

    Cape Nelson Landcare Planting Day at Picnic Hill

    On April 27th, a group of 18 keen volunteers took on the challenging task of planting out 300 plants on the steep hillside leading up to Picnic Hill Lookout.   Fuelled by a delicious BBQ lunch, they staked all the plants and surrounded the whole area with wallaby proof fencing. The locally native seedlings were all …Read more »

    Trewalla Tree Planting Afternoon Sat 18th May

    Trewalla Recreation Reserve is getting a make over. Over the past four years work has been ongoing to remove woody weeds which were out numbering the local native species. If you can spare an hour or two to help plant some native trees we would love you to come along.

    Gorse Management Field Day

    The Southwest Environment Alliance is teaming up with the Victorian Gorse Taskforce and Westvic Earthmoving to demonstrate best practice Gorse removal.

    This is free community event and information will be available on Best Practice Management of this highly invasive weed. Funding opportunities will also be discussed and opportunities to apply for funding will be facilitated …Read more »

    Celebrate the beauty and diversity of the Surry River

    Friends of the Surry celebrate the beauty and diversity of the Surry River at this important time of the year.  The estuary mouth is naturally closed at this time of the year and for a very good reason. Below average rainfalls for Jan 2019 and a long dry summer creates this oasis for wildlife …Read more »

    Atlas of Living Australia Training Sessions

    Venue : Portland Football Netball and Cricket Clubrooms Date: April 17th 2019

    A free app for recording your sightings of flora and fauna.

    A tool for setting up Citizen Science Projects.

    Session 1: (10:00 – 1pm)Focusing on on ground application targeting operation staff and community groups. Session 2: …Read more »

    Friends of the Surry

    Before and after images of a shelterbelt planted on a farm at Narrawong. These pictures provide a visual on the growth rate of indigenous vegetation when planted out in wide 110 foot corridors. The before image is from 2013, the after image 2018.

    This holistic approach to managing agricultural farm land has provided shelter …Read more »

    Tarragal Landcare Group

    Bio Char is a valuable soil amendment; agricultural waste can be converted into a soil enhancer that can hold carbon and boost food security. It increases soil biodiversity and therefore directly impacts the nutrient and water holding capacity of soil. There is no shortage of literature regarding the positive impact that biochar has on our …Read more »

    Tree Planting at Portland North Primary School

    Portland North Primary School students enjoyed a morning of tree planting with Janet Bruckner from the Tarragal Landcare Group & Southwest Environment Alliance Landcare Facilitator Kristy Brewer. The children planted a mixture of indigenous plants including: Manna Gums, Acacias, Tea Trees, local daisies and native grasses.

    The planting day delivered a link between the …Read more »

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