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Fresh new plans for the Cliffs Group

The groups recent AGM delivered some great outcomes, new volunteers and fresh ideas were shared along over a cup of hot tea and some delicious cake.

Moving forward the group will be focussing their efforts around 2 main project ideas that were shared at the AGM. A planning discussion lead by group President Debbie Oakley …Read more »

Biochar Sheep Sheep Feeding Trail and Dung Beetle Project

By Kate Joseph South West Prime Lamb Research Officer

South West Prime Lamb Group (SWPLG) is a group of prime lamb producers based between the coast and as far north as Cavendish. To maintain productivity producers are applying high rates of fertiliser to their pastures. As well as being a very high input cost, there …Read more »

Invitation to attend the Portland Coastal Cliffs AGM and afternoon out

Turn your passion for plants into a career you will love

Enrol now to secure your place at the Portland Tafe studying Certificate 2 in Horticulture.

This fun hand on course will provide participants with learning opportunities focused on bush regeneration. If you manage or volunteer with a community organisation or group who are looking after a natural environment then this course is for you.

Read more »

Have you planned an event for Bushcare's Big Day out?

Preparing for BBDO 2019   Winter isn't just coming, it's here! As cold air moves across thecontinent it's a great time to start planning and prepping for your Big Day Out in September. Nine groups have registered so far this year and we're looking forward to registering many more events.Here's three things to do in June for planning your BBDO …Read more »

Shore Bird Identification Workshop

When: Tuesday 25th June

Where: 33 Percy Street Portland @ 10:00 am

Join BirdLife Australia's "Migratory Shore Birds" team for a workshop and beach walk, where you can learn more about the amazing lives of this diverse group of birds, the threats they face and how you can help them survive!

Don't forget your …Read more »

2019 Biochar Study Tour Project Trail Site Autumn Red Wheat Sowing Morning

The Southwest Environment Alliance is super delighted to be co hosting and managing the Gorae west Trial site in 2019 in partnership with the Glenelg Hopkins CMA.

The project was originally set up under the Tarragal Landcare Group by former Landcare Facilitator Gary Milich and local biochar expert Doug Phillips. Sadly, Doug Phillips passed away …Read more »

Biochar Study Tour 2019

Biochar enthusiasts from all over the world are coming together to share information and tour regional biochar projects. The study tour group will be visiting Portland to check out the Biochar Red Wheat Trail Site. If you haven't already booked your ticket to the Australia New Zealand Biochar Study Tour then now's your chance. Interested …Read more »

Gorse Demonstration Day

The Portland Gorse Management Field Day was well attended and provided best practice management advice to Portland residents and agency staff. Just under 30 people registered for the event and turned up to check out the big machinery.

Local earth moving contractors Kylee and Goose Rogers demonstrated the capacity of their 20 tonne excavator. There …Read more »

Atlas of Living Australia Forum

Those who attended the Atlas of Living Australia Forum presentations were not disappointed. Peter Brenton the keynote speaker and developer of the Atlas provided participants with an overview of the application and demonstrated how to set up and report against projects. The morning session targeted community groups and individuals who demonstrated interest in recording information …Read more »

Batty about Bats

The Portland Field Naturalist Club hosted a free Bat information craft afternoon session for the kids and an evening presentation on Sat 25th May. The kids has a ball making bat puppets and bat-mobiles, and the adults enjoyed a a quirky and information packed video on our local bats with lots of informative leaflets on …Read more »

Fungi Mapping Friday 7th June - 7.30 pm


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