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Mainstreaming Biochar Field Day

We asked if Farmers they were interested in mainstreaming biochar into their farming regime and the overwhelming response was YES! The Gorae west trial site has certainly generated a lot of interest over the past few months including a stop over with international guests from the Australia New Zealand Biochar International Conference.

The overall buzz …Read more »

Re - gen - er - ation...we are having so much fun...regeneration!

A visit from SW TAFE students enrolled in Certificate II in Horticulture, provided a fresh injection of enthusiasm to the Reserves carers; Tarragal Landcare.

Students practiced their skills in identifying weeds and endemic native plants on the reserve.  They observed the important role the subsequent decaying plant material plays,(including logs) in providing the emerging …Read more »

Mainstreaming BIOCHAR -Save the Date October 21

Would you like to come along and hear first hand about the biochar trail work that is taking place locally?

If the answer is yes then pencil October 21 into your dairy. Guest from far and abroad will be traveling to Victoria in October to participate in a Study Tour and Conference on Mainstreaming …Read more »

Funding Opportunity for Landholders Lower Fitzroy River & Darlots Creek

Do you live along the Fitzroy River or Darlots creek? If you do and have an interest in restoring your waterway then now is the time to act. For information on how to design and access funding for improved waterway health contact Jarred Obst from the Glenelg Hopkins CMA.

Moonah Protection & Replacement Initiative

Information supplied by Garry Kerr (Tarragal Landcare Group Member & project leader)

Over the past few months the Tarragal Landcare set have been busy completing the first of three enclosures in its moonah replacement program on private property.  This initiative enjoys the whole hearted support of private landowners involved. It is intended to be an …Read more »

South West Woody Weeds Action Team Update

Information supplied by Gary Kerr

Progress and effort have delivered some great outcomes over the past few months. The group have been working hard to secure funding and strengthen partnerships. The future for this group is looking bright. Investing in a project plan allows groups to know where they are going and details how to …Read more »

Fresh new plans for the Cliffs Group

The groups recent AGM delivered some great outcomes, new volunteers and fresh ideas were shared along over a cup of hot tea and some delicious cake.

Moving forward the group will be focussing their efforts around 2 main project ideas that were shared at the AGM. A planning discussion lead by group President Debbie Oakley …Read more »

Biochar Sheep Sheep Feeding Trail and Dung Beetle Project

By Kate Joseph South West Prime Lamb Research Officer

South West Prime Lamb Group (SWPLG) is a group of prime lamb producers based between the coast and as far north as Cavendish. To maintain productivity producers are applying high rates of fertiliser to their pastures. As well as being a very high input cost, there …Read more »

Invitation to attend the Portland Coastal Cliffs AGM and afternoon out

Turn your passion for plants into a career you will love

Enrol now to secure your place at the Portland Tafe studying Certificate 2 in Horticulture.

This fun hand on course will provide participants with learning opportunities focused on bush regeneration. If you manage or volunteer with a community organisation or group who are looking after a natural environment then this course is for you.

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Have you planned an event for Bushcare's Big Day out?

Preparing for BBDO 2019   Winter isn't just coming, it's here! As cold air moves across thecontinent it's a great time to start planning and prepping for your Big Day Out in September. Nine groups have registered so far this year and we're looking forward to registering many more events.Here's three things to do in June for planning your BBDO …Read more »

Shore Bird Identification Workshop

When: Tuesday 25th June

Where: 33 Percy Street Portland @ 10:00 am

Join BirdLife Australia's "Migratory Shore Birds" team for a workshop and beach walk, where you can learn more about the amazing lives of this diverse group of birds, the threats they face and how you can help them survive!

Don't forget your …Read more »

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