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Protecting Wattle Hill Creek

Protecting creeks and seasonal wetlands via stock exclusion and revegetation is just one of the many landcare methods that can be used to restore ecosystem health.

This new vegetation acts not only as a shelterbelt for wildlife but also a filtration systmem for the water entering the creek and wetland.

The Southwest Environment Alliance partners …Read more »

Bittern Recovery project for the Glenelg Hopkins CMA Region

The Glenelg Hopkins CMA looking for landholders who wish to partner and implement projects, that aim to protect / restore suitable habitat on private land for the Bittern.

Glenelg Hopkins CMA have funding available for the following works: 

fencing reinstating wetlands (through NGT)reducing stock grazing  weed and pest animal control  Read more »

Roadside character - is it worth saving?

One local man has been working throughout the Shire with a team of dedicated volunteers who believe that roadside character is definitely worth preserving. Their efforts to protect roadside vegetation is admirable!

Did you know that there are approximately 2,577km’s of local roads within the Glenelg Shire? Council relies of the good will of …Read more »

Snippets from a bush garden

Article prepared by Ivor & Ruth Graney

Portland Field Nats have cancelled all group activities and with the latest restrictions keeping us at home it has inspired us to take notice of what it happening on our doorsteps. With that in mind Ivor & I have some images to share, some of which have …Read more »

Zoom zoom...

Over the past few weeks we have been working with KAPATOLA towards improving our Member groups confidence online!

To date participants have developed skills in Zoom and Facebook management. These skills will support groups to engage with their communities about their projects and goals.

Over the next two weeks participants will be exposed to …Read more »

Have you seen our new project signs ?

Restore Connect Protect

As part of our commitment to increasing participation in Landcare locally we decided to get some project signs. Our slogan RESTORE CONNECT PROTECT features on these signs and describes the types of activities being implemented locally. Improving landscape health is essential if we wish to restore our planets integrity and something we …Read more »

Do you have a boggy paddock or a wetland?

Prepared by Kristy Brewer

Seasonal Herbaceous wetlands are commonly mistaken for boggy paddocks. If you are lucky enough to have one you should treasure it/ them.

Knowing how to identify if you have one, manage it; and who to contact if you need advice is important. There are many actions that have legal consequences and …Read more »

Group Health Survey

Did your group get around around to completing their Group Health Survey? Group Health Surveys help DELWP, the Glenelg Hopkins CMA and the Landcare Facilitator understand how your group is travelling. Judging by last years results lots of groups are doing quite well. If your group is not one of them perhaps it's time …Read more »

Dynamics of The Surry River Estuary

Prepared by Friends of the Surry Inc.

The Surry Estuary, being a very complex environment, is a natural seasonally closed system that closes when inflows from the system’s catchment, the Cobboboonee, cease. The length of time the estuary mouth is closed and water levels reached is naturally dependent on seasonally variable conditions. Integral to this …Read more »

Main Beach looking good

Our local Cliffs group have had an enforced break from its Purge the Spurge campaign over the past few months due to the Covid 19 Pandemic. Despite this the main beach is looking great. Undoubtedly as a result of the great work that was carried out in March prior to the pandemic.

The group utilized …Read more »

Celebrating our regions Biodiversity

One of our group aims is to collectively advocate for and celebrate the biodiversity assets of Portland. The following photos have been captured by my son, Raz using just a smart phone. As you will see we have plenty of beautiful plants worthy of our advocacy.

Wildflowers and Orchids of Portland spring through autumn

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Economic Benefits of Native Vegetation (EBON)

Landcare methods are restorative actions that integrate both natural resource management, farm management / enhancement and or the beautification of an environment. The methodology and agenda set by the landholder (of course) and the function determined facilitates outcomes for both the landholders personal gain and the peoples resources; our environment.

Trees are …Read more »

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