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Tarragal Landcare Group

The Tarragal Landcare Group formed in 2005; to maintain the existing vegetation in the landscape, to restore the connectivity in the landscape and to provide opportunities for like-minded people to share experiences with one another.


The group initially formed to provide a co -ordinated approach to on ground landscape scale projects within the cashmore and gorae-west area's. Significant on ground corridor work was completed to facilitate linkages in the landscape for the many fauna species the distract supports.

The group has identified many focal fauna species including the Rufous Bristlebird, Heath Mouse, Long - Nosed Potoroo, Southern Brown Bandicoot, Swamp Antechinus, Garden Skink, Brolga,Common Bent wing Bat and many other important native species.


The group provides support to local landholders in delivering a broad range of on ground projects including corridor work, wetland protection, pest plant and animal control programs and advocacy for our local environment.

Key Achievements

Biodiversity Local Area Plan

In 2008 the group took part in a project to identify and record the quality of the vegetation remaining in our member group area and as a result developed a local area plan that identified important areas for revegetation, rehabilitation and protection. These identified linkages through the landscape were then actively purchased by our members to increase the connectivity in our patch.

There is still much work to be achieved!

Trewalla Recreation Reserve

The Trewalla Recreation Reserve is a 4.2 acre area of Crown land that that works as a stepping stone of connectivity to the larger reserves in the area. The value of this Reserve was recognized in the Local Area Plan was written in 2008 . To assist in protecting the biodiversity of the Reserve the group has began carrying out Habitat Defender sessions several times a year. These sessions bring interested people together to manage threats (weeds), to support the biodiversity (re planting of important vegetation) and provide an opportunity for people to volunteer in nature.

Biochar Trial Site

This site was established in 2016 with support from the Tarragal Landcare Group, Triple R Biochar & the Glenelg Hopkins CMA and funded through the National Landcare Program.

The site aims to investigate if biochar influences improving soil structure and/or increases biomass when incorporated as a soil conditioner. The site accommodates three trail plots x 6 treatments demonstrating biochar application rates of 0, 5 and 10 tons per hectare.

Bio Char assists with the uptake of nutrients by plants and produces long term improvements to soil quality. To find out more about this exciting project contact us!

If you are interested in carrying out a landcare project on your property contact the SEA Landcare Facilitator.

Together we aim to protect, restore and maintain the biodiversity values of our local environment.

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