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Contact: Gary Milich

Phone: 0409 049 850


Portland Scenic Gateway Group Inc

Group Purpose

The Portland Scenic Gateway Group Inc. was formed in March 2020. Collectively we hope to improve the biodiversity values and aesthetics, of this highly scenic coastal strip of land.

Our group was born out of the desire to reduce weeds and establish native stands of plants that will show case the beauty of both Australian native plants and locally endemic species. Through small community planting days and weeding working bees, we hope to increase the amount of habitat and food available to local fauna. These plantings will draw in array of array of endemic birds, butterflies and insects that can live along side us in an urban Landcare garden on the coast.

Group Aims

1. Key focus is the removal of weeds in our identified area.

2. To establish native plants in area’s of weeds removal to inhibit weed re-growth. This includes re introducing the Moonah to our coastline in areas where effective weed control has taken place.

3. To educate local Landcare members and the local community about weed identification, native plant identification, local fauna, and other Landcare projects and grant applications.

4. To form partnerships with DEECA, Glenelg Shire, Glenelg Hopkins CMA, The Great South West Walk and other organizations as the need arises.

5. With help from our partners and funding bodies we hope to access funding to develop a digital group logo

6. The development of a brochure on suitable coastal garden species and the flora they attract for people living in urban environments

With help from our community we aim to:

Re- create a Magical Moonah Woodland that can support local birds and insects.

Our programs include:

Regular working bees to maintain project areas

Planting days

Social gatherings

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