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Portland Coastal Cliffs Inc.

The Portland Coastal Cliffs Inc. was formed in 2005 with the vision "to restore the Portland Cliffs through community involvement, action and support." Monthly working bees were run with numerous attendees and excellent results. Activities ranged from planting indigenous plants to eradication of weeds and collecting rubbish, finishing with a cuppa and a chat. Over the past 14 years habitats have been created, encouraging wildlife, especially birds. The grasses, shrubs and trees are now reaching maturity and enhancing the biodiversity of Portland's coastline.

Group Aims and events for 2019

 O May 2019 - revegetation with weed matting or the storm water outlet at Nun's Beach after sediment removal by the Glenelg shire. A biochar sock was placed in front of the drain to filter the contaminated water coming from the roads above he cliff. Biochar was added to the plants North of the drain but not to the plants south of the drain. Any differences in growth will be monitored.

O Sun 15 September 2019 - Bush Big Day Out with Conservation Volunteers Australia.

O Sun 17 November 2019 - AGM with end of year BBQ Breakup at the Nun's Beach Car Park BBQ area 2pm - 4pm.

Visitors and non-members are very welcome at all PCCI activities

Membership costs $10 for individuals, $20 for families, $30 for organisations. Email for details.A

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