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Portland Coastal Cliffs Inc.

About Us

We are a dedicated team of hard working locals who are working towards improving the habitat and recreational values of the Nuns beach area.

Together we are aiming to restore the Portland beach and cliff base area through community involvement, support and action. The current focus is to continue to remove the Sea Spurge from Nuns Beach as well as planting indigenous plants and removing weeds from the cliff base area. PCCI are in consultation with the SEA Alliance, Gunditj-Mirring, Glenelg Shire Council, CFA and DELWP to work together to protect and maintain this biodiverse iconic habitat.

Join our group- New members welcome email: for info or visit our webpage to join up

Portland Coastal Cliffs Inc.

What we do and when

2 hour monthly working bees; 1st Saturday each month (9.30am – 11.30 am)

 Administration approx. 5-10 hours per week. (Enquiries welcome, the more supporters we have the better our organisation can be)

Centrelink Volunteering available- email for more info

Group Aims for 2021

Continued removal Sea Spurge and woody weeds along Nuns Beach and base of cliffs

  • To work with Landcare Facilitator to produced a new vegetation management plan for the beach
  • To partner with the following organisations to implement a trail cool burn site at Nuns Beach; to monitor and record the effect this has on the floristic characteristics of the vegetation
    • Cultural Burn partners (Gunditj Mirring, DEWLP, Glenelg Shire, CFA, PCCI, SEA Alliance) April May 2021
  • Set up and monitor a test area for weeping grass with Glenelg Shire Council – with the plan to remove weedy prickly grass at Nuns Beach and replace with indigenous weeping grass that is safer and pleasant to walk on as well as ascetically more appealing
  • Apply for relevant grant to complete projects at Nuns Beach that will restore and protect the beach and cliffs

PCCI have a COVID 19 safety plan and welcome the opportunity to work with new groups including schools and sporting associations.

All financial members participating in PCCI activities, are covered by Landcare Victoria Incorporated. Landcare Insurance covers event that are organized and hosted by PCCI. E.g. Member who remove sea spurge when walking on the beach will not be covered by insurance if it is not an organised event by PCCI such as a working bee, Centrelink volunteer program activity or arranged event.

Participants at our events must wear gloves and glasses and make sure they are wearing appropriate clothing to protect themselves, some people are more sensitive to the sap from sea spurge that other people.

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