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Interested in volunteering?

Posted on: 15 February 2023

Do you like getting out on the coast and have an interest in volunteering?

Have 2.5 hours a week to donate?  

If so, you may like to join the Great South West Walk Landcare Volunteer team. Together they will be implementing some important restoration activities to help combat the prevailing wind and rain that is negatively impacting on their revegetation efforts.

The volunteer landcare team will be meeting for 2.5 hour this Thursday and then again on Saturday. In late summer each year they lay a special type of matting that helps to control erosion, it's called jute mat. Jute mat is rolled up and lay in the landscape to help slow down the speed of the wind and capture sand. Over-time the sand builds up and creates a perfect little nook just deep enough for native seed to get started. It’s a fascinating landscape and one worthy of your effort.

To get involved in this great project contact Jen Johns or Rosemary Wilson. See the flyer for their contact details.

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