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Have you seen our new project signs ?

Posted on: 25 August 2020

Restore Connect Protect

As part of our commitment to increasing participation in Landcare locally we decided to get some project signs. Our slogan RESTORE CONNECT PROTECT features on these signs and describes the types of activities being implemented locally. Improving landscape health is essential if we wish to restore our planets integrity and something we can all contribute too. Building knowledge within the community about how to do this is a key component of our work.

Our slogan RESTORE CONNECT PROTECT describes the types of action required to achieve improved landscape health.

PROTECT - Protecting on farm / property assets such as remnants, wetlands, creeks, grasslands and old paddock tree's through exclusion fencing, conservation covenants and grazing regimes is a key component of protection works.

CONNECT - The linking of fragmented pieces of vegetation within the landscape. This linking can increase shelter for stock, pastures, workers and wildlife. Safe passage through the landscape for wildlife is essential and can help to reduce wind speed and improve the outdoor working environment for the landholder.

RESTORE - Revegetation work, control and maintenance of weeds, improving soil health, managing stock to maintain ecosystem services within your control (eg not grazing wetlands during periods of inundation/ allowing grasslands to flower and set seed).

This year we are proud to be working with a variety of landholders who are working to increase biodiversity on their properties, improve the way their farms / properties function and create a better working environment. This work has been made possible through funding the SEA secured from the Glenelg Hopkins CMA; Vic Landcare Grants Program.

If you have an interest in Landcare would like to hear from you!

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