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Economic Benefits of Native Vegetation (EBON)

Posted on: 2 June 2020

Landcare methods are restorative actions that integrate both natural resource management, farm management / enhancement and or the beautification of an environment. The methodology and agenda set by the landholder (of course) and the function determined facilitates outcomes for both the landholders personal gain and the peoples resources; our environment.

Trees are for the benefit of all. They clean our air, protect our soils, provide food, shelter and habitat for wildlife. The benefits are plenty. Landscapes once ripped bare of vegetation need rehabilitation and protection. Re establishing links is vital and we need the support of private landholders to make sure it happens. The installation of corridors is a big job and the upkeep required for the first couple of years is compulsory to ensure opportunistic weeds don't colonise. But corridors and only one part of a integrated farm plan.

The integration of Landcare Methods is a wonderful investment in your property. The resource section of our web page now includes a series of brochures and a research report on the Economic Benefits of Native Vegetation (EBONS). This report was prepared by Lissette Mills from the Basalt to Bay Landcare Network.

If you have ever considered using native vegetation to support your farm ecosystem then this report is well worth reading. If your interest in reducing livestock deaths and improving weight gain in stock then this report and associated brochures may provide you with the evidence you need to take the next step and get involved in Landcare.

You will find them listed in the Resources section of our web page. It includes a series of brochures that summarise the benefits of shelter to the various agricultural enterprises. More Profit : Sheep and Wool, Crops and Pastures, Cattle, Dairy, All Agriculture.

Your farm is your workplace - why not make it great for eveyone?

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