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Do you have a boggy paddock or a wetland?

Posted on: 24 August 2020

Prepared by Kristy Brewer

Seasonal Herbaceous wetlands are commonly mistaken for boggy paddocks. If you are lucky enough to have one you should treasure it/ them.

Knowing how to identify if you have one, manage it; and who to contact if you need advice is important. There are many actions that have legal consequences and knowing what you can and can not do is really important to us here at the Southwest Environment Alliance. The fact sheets below provide up to date information about wetlands, the law and best practice management.

The GHCMA are the overarching body that provides support to our regions landholders wishing to engage in activities that restore,enhance or protect wetlands. Landcare Groups can facilitate opportunities to support landholders wishing to implement restorative actions. There are a variety of grant program thats can support landholders wishing to erect exclusion fencing, control weeds and rehabilitate wetland sites.

Wetlands have been described as the kidneys of our planet. They are both highly diverse and productive environments that filter toxins from the water that enters them and they recycle nutrients in many beneficial ways. These precious resources leave nothing behind besides a nutrient rich ecosystem full of hidden habitat and refuge nursery areas for a highly diverse bunch of wetlands animals.

Above the ground there is often not that much to see; below the ground however is a whole other story.

Healthy wetlands contribute to agricultural production by:

  • providing shelter for birds which help to control agricultural pests;
  • providing controlled grazing, particularly during dry periods;
  • absorbing floodwaters and releasing them slowly;
  • improving the quality of water; and
  • replenishing groundwater.

Taken from the NSW Murray Wetlands Working Group Inc. WETLANDS WATCH FIELD GUIDE.

If you would like more information about wetlands contact our facilitator or the Glenelg Hopkins CMA.

These factsheets are a free download in the Resources section of our webpage.

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