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Celebrate the beauty and diversity of the Surry River

Posted on: 12 March 2019

Friends of the Surry celebrate the beauty and diversity of the Surry River at this important time of the year.  The estuary mouth is naturally closed at this time of the year and for a very good reason. Below average rainfalls for Jan 2019 and a long dry summer creates this oasis for wildlife and a need for patience for those affected by the inundation of their land. Allowing nature to run its course as the water held within the system acts as a refuge for wildlife.
Eco system Services provided by the river play a vital role in protecting our natural resources and the services they provide are plenty.
We take this opportunity to remind you; our community that we share this connection from the land to the sea with other inhabitants; fish, eels macroinvertebrates and many birds. Its role in our landscape is important and we need to respect the full function of this amazing system.

For more information about the natural function and services that our rivers support visit the GHCMA webpage.Glenelg Hopkins CMA Estuaries information

If you are interested in joining Friends of the Surry or finding out more about the river, contact Martin Boyer. His details are listed in the Member Groups Page under Friends of the Surry.

If you have an interest in landcare work on your property or along the river contact the SEA facilitator and organise a property visit today. Riparian vegetation provides habitat for wildlife, shelter for stock / pastures & improves the quality of water runoff. Other benefits can include an enhanced working / living environment for you to enjoy.

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