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    Community Tree Planting Days

    Are you interested in the environment and happy to help plant trees? If this sounds like you then why not join us for a wet and wild day out at Bridgewater this July. The truth is tree planting days are delivered at a not so fabulous time of the year, but we don’t tend to …Read more »

    Coastal Tea -tree ID and weed control session

    Portland Coastal Cliffs are gearing up for a short one-hour session of fun and fitness this weekend. Together they will be tackling some Coastal Tea-tree. Did you know that Coastal Tea-tree is not supposed to be growing at Nuns Beach?

    Coast Tea-tree is an environmental weed within the Glenelg Shire Council and doesn’t belong at …Read more »

    Birds of Leywhollot- Fawthrop Lagoon

    Join SWEE this Thursday evening for a presentation on Birds of Leywhollot – Fawthrop Lagoon.

    Birds of Leywhollot- Fawthrop Lagoon will be presented by renowned Nature Photographer and former Parks Victoria Ranger, Macel Hoog-Antink. Join SWEE for an informative talk about birds that call the Fawthrop Lagoon home. This presentation is suitable for anyone interested …Read more »

    Are you interested in learning about birds?

    Buff-banded Rail image captured by Raz Brewer

    Is a pretty farm a productive farm?

    Join us for an inspirational chat with local farmer John Keiller from Cashmore Park. Learn about the impact landcare methods have had on the triple bottom line; people, profits and the planet.

    Over the past 20 years John and his family have committed to integrating agriculture and landcare. They have set up their very own …Read more »

    PFNC Birds Guest Speaker Night

    Are you interested in birds and or our local environment? Ever considered joining the Local Field Naturalist Club?

    There are several opportunities this month to get involved.

    The club is meeting on Thursday, July 6 at 7:30 pm in the meeting rooms adjacent to the Presbyterian Scouts Hall, Tyre Street Portland. The guest speaker program …Read more »

    Upcoming information session; Phytophthora Wednesday June, 21 at 7pm.

    Join us for a chat with staff from the Department of Environment and Climate Action on Phytophthora. Wednesdays information session will cover:

    Phytophthora – what is it? Maps – Where is it? What volunteers in SW Vic need to know? Strategies for preventing the spread. Interest in site visit to Mt Clay to view infested …Read more »

    Tree Planting Day

    To help celebrate National Tree Planting Day we are inviting the community to help plant 3000 trees in the Cashmore area over the next few weeks. Tarragal Landcare Group in partnership with SEA will be helping to plant back just over 3000 new trees, shrubs and grasses on local farms. This is just one of …Read more »

    Help protect the biodiversity of the Great South West Walk

    On Monday, March 20, participants of Weed the Walk will be helping to protect the incredible biodiversity values of one of the most popular campgrounds in the Forest Park, Cut-Out Camp, Campground. This campsite is a ripper! It is decked out with a toilet, picnic table and rainwater tank, not only that it is home …Read more »

    Bush Regeneration Workshops

    Bush Regeneration training aims to upskill individuals in activities such as weed identification and control techniques. Invasive plants, or weeds as we more commonly know them are threatening bushlands all over Australia including ours in Portland, weeds have a negative impact on both flora and fauna.

    If you are interested in learning how to …Read more »

    Interested in volunteering?

    Do you like getting out on the coast and have an interest in volunteering?

    Have 2.5 hours a week to donate?  

    If so, you may like to join the Great South West Walk Landcare Volunteer team. Together they will be implementing some important restoration activities to help combat the prevailing wind and rain that …Read more »

    Native Grasses Seminar

    SEA Landcare is proud to be hosting an exciting seminar on Native Grass Rehabilitation with Dr. Ian Chivers. Dr Chivers has been involved in research and native grass management for over 20 years.

    Australian native grasses are adapted to soils that have been subject to millions of years of weathering and erosion and so …Read more »

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