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Month: August 2019

Moonah Protection & Replacement Initiative

Information supplied by Garry Kerr (Tarragal Landcare Group Member & project leader)

Over the past few months the Tarragal Landcare set have been busy completing the first of three enclosures in its moonah replacement program on private property.  This initiative enjoys the whole hearted support of private landowners involved. It is intended to be an …Read more »

South West Woody Weeds Action Team Update

Information supplied by Gary Kerr

Progress and effort have delivered some great outcomes over the past few months. The group have been working hard to secure funding and strengthen partnerships. The future for this group is looking bright. Investing in a project plan allows groups to know where they are going and details how to …Read more »

Fresh new plans for the Cliffs Group

The groups recent AGM delivered some great outcomes, new volunteers and fresh ideas were shared along over a cup of hot tea and some delicious cake.

Moving forward the group will be focussing their efforts around 2 main project ideas that were shared at the AGM. A planning discussion lead by group President Debbie Oakley …Read more »

Biochar Sheep Sheep Feeding Trail and Dung Beetle Project

By Kate Joseph South West Prime Lamb Research Officer

South West Prime Lamb Group (SWPLG) is a group of prime lamb producers based between the coast and as far north as Cavendish. To maintain productivity producers are applying high rates of fertiliser to their pastures. As well as being a very high input cost, there …Read more »

Invitation to attend the Portland Coastal Cliffs AGM and afternoon out

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