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2019 Biochar Study Tour Project Trail Site Autumn Red Wheat Sowing Morning

Posted on: 12 June 2019

The Southwest Environment Alliance is super delighted to be co hosting and managing the Gorae west Trial site in 2019 in partnership with the Glenelg Hopkins CMA.

The project was originally set up under the Tarragal Landcare Group by former Landcare Facilitator Gary Milich and local biochar expert Doug Phillips. Sadly, Doug Phillips passed away in early 2019. The loss of the projects most significant participant, biochar advocate and project leader left a hollow no one could possible fill.

Despite this terrible tragedy the SEA pooled resources and in true country spirit pulled together to ensure that the 2019 project's first milestone was delivered. The sowing of the wheat. The Southwest Environment Alliance Landcare Facilitator Kristy Brewer will will be responsible for managing the project site promotion, funding and liaison with the Glenelg Hopkins CMA to ensure project outcomes are delivered.

Former Landcare Facilitator Gary Milich will be volunteering on the ground to ensure that the project site is in tip top shape and ready for the Portland Study day tour in late October. The International Biochar Conference is being held in October 2019. For information about the Conference check out the events section of our page.

The Southwest Environment Alliance with support from its many member groups showed up on a crisp Autumn morning to ensure the Red Wheat Crop for 2019 was hand sown. We wait now to see what results can be collected from the harvest later this year. We intend to share the result through the gallery section of the SEA webpage and this newsletter.

The Glenelg Hopkins CMA, Helen Philips and the Telfer family have been nothing short of amazing and we thank them for their passion, enthusiasm and support toward ensuring that this great project is finished with pride.

Biochar is being produced locally by Triple R Biochar and is available for sale at Seawinds Nursery and via the web page Triple R Biochar website.

"Biochar is an amazing product. It is totally natural and made from woody plants - it improves soil structure, microbial activity and nutrient holding capacity. It saves water while giving your plants a healthy start to life. Plants love it and best of all it is returning carbon to our soils. "

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