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Southwest Environmental Alliance, in partnership with Landcare, is a collective of regenerative native habitat projects in the Glenelg Shire, Victoria
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The Southwest Environment Alliance (SEA) represents variety from of a number of groups and passionate individuals who care about the environment. Collectively we advocate protecting, restoring and improving the biodiversity values of this region. The main role of SEA is to provide opportunities for networking and a platform for a coordinated approach to funding applications & local environmental issues.

Our Member Groups

Point Danger Committee of Management

The Point Danger Committee of Management is a ministerial appointment every three years of members representing key stakeholder groups for the Reserve and neighbouring land areas contributing significantly to the overall ecology of the area by extending the habitat range for species and providing greater habitat connectivity.

The Point Danger Coastal Reserve is 182 Ha …Read more »

Portland Scenic Gateway Group Inc

Group Purpose

The Portland Scenic Gateway Group Inc. was formed in March 2020. Collectively we hope to improve the biodiversity values and aesthetics, of this highly scenic coastal strip of land.

Our group was born out of the desire to reduce weeds and establish native stands of plants that will show case the beauty of …Read more »

Friends of Cape Nelson Landcare/Coastcare Inc

Friends of Cape Nelson Landcare / Coastcare aims to maintain improve and promote the Cape’s great environmental assets and tourist attractions whilst operating as a proactive and cohesive community.

The Group’s current goals are to build on more than 25 years of achievement. To extend our many kilometres of biodiversity corridors, our continuous pest plant …Read more »

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Latest News & Events

Plant a tree to help our lagoon and local Wildlife

September is “Save the Koala” month. The Fawthrop Lagoon Revegetation Project supports our local Koalas. Their numbers are in decline throughout Australia due mainly to habitat loss. SWEE Community Planting Days are your chance to assist the health of Fawthrop Lagoon and its wildlife. Everything you need to know is listed in the PDF …Read more »

Fitzroy River and Darlot Creek, funding now available

Waterway Protection and Restoration funding now available for Fitzroy River and Darlot Creek.

Glenelg Hopkins CMA has funding available for landholders to undertake waterway protection and restoration activities on the Fitzroy River and Darlot Creek in the Budj Bim cultural landscape.

Activities may include

Waterway fencing

Woody Weed Management

Off -stream stock water access

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Landcare is for Everyone!

By Kristy Brewer

Did you know that with the variability in seasons we always plant in winter? We order our trees, grasses and shrubs  8-12 months ahead of the planting season and we collect seed for our projects the year before we plant. We do this because planting local seed means stronger trees and these …Read more »

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